The Tree Pavilion at the Delaware Children’s Museum

On Monday, April 4th the Delaware Children’s Museum welcomed Tree Pavilion as a cornerstone of the DCM’s existing Ecconnect exhibit and as a symbol of the museum’s continued commitment to both environmental stewardship and education. Tree Pavilion is an approximately 350-year-old Sycamore tree that is both seven and a half feet wide and tall, is twenty-one feet long; and once grew proudly in the Alapocas Woods right here in Delaware. It was lovingly preserved by Dave Macleod and a group of dedicated friends and family and then donated to the DCM for families to love and learn from for generations. Tree Pavilion was completely debarked, thoroughly sanded on the inside and outside, and completely cored / hollowed out leaving a perfectly preserved “tree shell”. Visitors are encouraged to climb through Tree Pavilion, feel the tree’s smooth texture, and just marvel at its sheer size and great beauty. Tree Pavilion is as beautiful on the inside as the outside and lit from above to highlight its many curves and colors. Tree Pavilion will spark curiosity in visitors of all ages and inspire both conservancy and lots of questions!

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