Riverfront Market


Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
*Closed Sundays


3 South Orange Street Wilmington, DE 19801   View map

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Riverfront Market is located on the Christina River at Market Street, across from Tubman-Garrett Park. The Market occupies 10,000 square feet of a beautifully restored historic warehouse, which features vaulted ceilings, heavy timber construction and exposed brick walls. Vendors are located on the ground floor of the building, where they sell fresh produce, salads, sandwiches, seafood, coffee, pizza, sushi, Mexican and Thai foods, gourmet treats and more. A second-story balcony provides seating for patrons. The Market has become an important activity center for the north end of the Riverfront. Residents and employees from all across the Riverfront and Downtown-Wilmington frequent the market for lunch, dinner, and meetings.

Shop Vendor Information:

Jeenwong Thai Cuisine – 302.655.5140
Banks Seafood Kitchen & Raw Bar- 302.777.1500
Bella Vista Trattoria-302.652.1010
Riverfront Produce – 302.777.1990
Tokyo Sushi – 302.658.6586
Cheese Steak Factory 302.655.9944

La Taqueria Santa Fe- 302.777.0107

Savanna Salads Bowls & Sandwiches-  302.656.5352

Leasing information:

Please contact the Riverfront Development Corporation of Delaware Office at: 302-425-4890.