Kalmar Nyckel


During the Summer Months:
Kalmar Nyckel is moored at the Shipyard Shops and Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park docks


The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation 1124 East Seventh Street Wilmington, DE 19801   View map

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You can’t miss the awesome sight of the Kalmar Nyckel’s huge mast and elaborate rigging gracing the docks of the riverfront. Hand-built with the same old world craftsmanship used on the original ship, this replica is designed after the Swedish ship, which brought the first permanent European settlers to the banks of the Christina River in 1638.

Moored at docks located next to the Shipyard Shops and at Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park, this magnificent ship helps create Riverfront history. Be sure not to miss the chance to get on deck for:

Tours and excursions
A close look at the 10 cannons, 7,500 square feet of sails and six miles of rigging
A view of the 10-story high mainmast